Porcelain Tiles – the perfect solution for floors AND walls

Porcelain wall tiles and floor tiles are a classic, hard-wearing choice for any room in the home….internally and externally. They are strong, non absorbent and are designed in a fantastic range of finishes, styles and formats to suit everyone’s taste and needs. The European influence to use tiles to decorate and clad floors and walls in the home has extended to Britain where tiles are a serious contender to other floor and wall options.

  • Easy to install…they will look fantastic for years to come.
  • Easy to maintain…no on-going maintenance – a practical solution to modern day living.
  • Easy to care for…wash with a solution of water and gentle non alkaline/acid cleanser.
  • Easy to live with….and very stylish!

No longer just the option for bathrooms and kitchens, porcelain look great in bedrooms, living areas, hallways, conservatories and on external surfaces – patios, paths, drives and facades. Tile Trends offer a wide range of modular tile sizes, decors and special pieces giving you the greatest freedom of expression, originality and creativity.

Combined with under floor heating, tiles are a warm and comfortable alternative to traditional flooring.

Ceramic Tiles – ideal for walls

Tile Trends offer a huge range of ceramic wall tiles, of which a number of different kitchen and bathroom tile ranges are available for that last minute project. Whether it’s a contemporary or traditional look, we offer an excellent selection of ceramic tiles providing you with endless design possibilities.

Mosaic Tiles – perfect for decoration

Mosaic tiles are a colourful, practical, hardwearing and versatile product. Mosaics have been in existence since the pre-roman era and have been used to bring elements of style, glamour and practicality to kitchens, bathrooms, showers and swimming pools the world over. When designing your bathroom, kitchen or living area project, consider the use of mosaic to create an eye catching and unique look for your walls or floor.

Mosaic tiles are perfect for use on large areas of wall, shaped and curved surfaces, wet rooms and smaller areas within the home, like kitchen splash backs or decoration to enhance your project. The practicality of Mosaics also allows them to be used for internal and external use, domestic or commercial. Their versatility is unparalleled.

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